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    Our Vision

              To help young minds grow and learn       
             together guided by traditional Montessori methods. 

Our Mission

                We are dedicated to our children, family,     
           and community by guiding  young minds to learn 
                  and grow through Montessori education.


We are excited to introduce you to our school!

Traditions Montessori School's approach to teaching is focused on each child's individual potential, talents, and level of development -- helping children learn in the best way for them.  Our primary goal is to educate children as individuals, building on their curiosity and talents and empowering them to succeed academically and socially.  

  Our programs are based on the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori and lay the foundation for lifelong learning by providing our students with a carefully prepared environment, rich with variety and learning experiences.  
Our classrooms provide a warm and inviting environment.  Each classroom is a child-centered community, filled with stimulating Montessori materials that attract the attention and curiosity of the children.  We provide an interactive, caring, and safe atmosphere where students learn to take responsibility for themselves and each other.  They learn to respect each other’s differences, abilities, work and work space, and to treat each other with respect.  Our playground is shaded and fenced and provides the opportunity for a natural environment. 

Parent involvement creates partnerships, builds community within our school, and gives the students a sense of connection between home and school.  At Traditions Montessori School every parent is a member of our Parents/Teachers Association (PTA).  We encourage parents to be involved throughout the school year.  In an effort to encourage this connection, Traditions Montessori School with the Parent/Teacher Association offer several family events planned throughout the school year.

Traditions Montessori School is based in the Brazos Valley
in Bryan/College Station, Texas.

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